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Professional Bathroom Design & Installation Services in Portsmouth and Hampshire.

Modern bathroom with bath and two sinks with a mirror hanging on the wall

Bathroom Design

Before starting work on your new or remodelled bathroom, you’ll need to plan out what your updated space should look like. Portsmouth Bathroom Fitters can provide design services in the earliest phases of your project – we can help you create a great – looking bathroom that fits the rest of your home like a glove.

Bathroom fitter installing a ceramic toilet in a bathroom

New Bathroom Fitting

Sometimes, the best choice for your bathroom is to start from scratch. When you choose Portsmouth Bathroom Fitters, we’ll work with you on every phase of your new bathroom fitting project – from the early stages of the design process to fitting toilets, basins, showers, baths, and taps.

Disabled bathroom with accessible shower and toilet

Disabled Bathrooms

Living with a disability shouldn’t prevent you from having a bathroom you can take pride in. Portsmouth Bathroom Fitters can create a bathroom that looks beautiful while meeting your needs. We can also install whatever safety features you may need.

Bathroom tiling with a shower attached to the wall

Bathroom Tiling

One key factor in making your new or remodelled bathroom shine is its floor. We offer bathroom tiling in a wide range of colours and materials, and we can install a tile floor that’s right for any bathroom.

Bathroom spot lights fixed to the ceiling


Between lighting, heating, extractor fans, and more, you’ll want to be sure your bathroom has reliable electricity. Fortunately, the qualified electricians working for Portsmouth Bathroom Fitters can take care of this for you.

Bathroom shower head attached to the wall


The importance of plumbing to a high-quality bathroom can’t be overstated – almost every aspect of your bathroom will rely on plumbing to meet your needs. Our company can offer any plumbing-related service your bathroom may require, including both installation and repairs.

Bathroom with wet room section separated with glass panel

Wet Rooms

Interested in adding an open shower area to your home? Portsmouth Bathroom Fitters is ready to create a wet room that matches your home perfectly. With our exceptional work, we can also ensure your new wet room will be fully waterproofed.

Underfloor heating pipes for bathroom

Underfloor Heating

Hate the feeling of walking on cold tile floors in the morning? Underfloor heating can help you avoid this situation – and the professionals at Portsmouth Bathroom Fitters can install an underfloor heating system in your bathroom at a great price!

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